Welch & Di Placido


Photos by Joe Murray.

Fritz Welch: Drums, voice.

Olivier Di Placido: guitar.

“,,,Welch and Di Placido similarly use no score in performance.  Yet this is not free improvisation, for although they deconstruct their instruments and vocabularies before the audience, they are clearly responding to their own learned techniques and histories in the choices they make in working with the sounds, and in response.  What is presented are specific processes rather than specific pieces.  These processes, though based on each individual artist’s learned practice, purposefully retain chance elements, whose resistance results in a plentitidue of unforeseen or possible outcomes.  These processes frustrate memory and association, resulting in a virtuosic acceptance of all sounds on the part of both performers and audience that in turn facilitate the exploration of new experiences of sound and time.  Gordon Mumma has suggested that live electronic music is a contemporary folk-art practice.  In Welch and Di Placido’s music, attention to the sounding presence of the moment suggests something akin to traditional art forms whose goal is transcendental states, but for Welch and Di Placido this exists without nostalgia and with a minimum of tradition.  Wlech and Di Placido are giving us the present, and the present is in process, is process.” (Jorge Boehringer)


Live at Fuse art Center, Bradford (UK), the 12nd of april, 2015.Photo by Jorge Boehringer.






-nov 09-13 Residency in Porto at Sonoscopia

-nov 10 in Porto at Sonoscopia

-nov 14 in Madrid at Cruce

-nov 15 in Barcelona at TPK


-april 7 in London at Limehouse Townhall – Olivier Di Placido, Fritz Welch and Yoni Silver Trio
-april 8 in Brighton at Coachwerks – Olivier solo, F. Ampism & F. Welch, Blood Stereo
-april 9 in Nottingham at JT Soars
-april 10 in Sheffield at The Audacious Art Experiment with Trans/Human
-april 11 in Manchester at Hotspur House
-april 12 in Bradford at Fuse Arts Center
-april 13 in Gateshead at The Old Police Station with Trans/Human
-april 14 in Glasgow at The Old Hairdressers with Trans/Human, Ultimate Dancer and FK Alexander and DJ Joyce Whitchurch