@ Museo Nitsch in Napoli, the 22nd of september 2016.

“Broken” guitar mutation with mobil pickups and moving neck.Only electronic used are e-bows and a DI box, no effects pedals,,,until now ! I also use the ground wire of the guitar to get some electronic kind of sounds that are actually pure electric phenomena.

Wriggling worms, squeals and sputtering voices.Very organic sounds,,,sort of like digging in the earth and pulling out tree roots, rocks and occasional giant centipedes.

“,,,and that’s how Olivier Di Placido’s guitar got so tangled up: it wasn’t paying enough attention, and Olivier started grafting and slicing and trepanning all over its body during an all-out drunken surgical binge. Remember: this guitar could be you, so look alive out there. Doesn’t hurt to beef up on local customs either.” (TinyMIxTapes, April 7, 2016)




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