duo w/SEC_

SEC_ : Revox tape recorder, no-input feedback manipulated on tape, field recordings & samples.

Olivier Di Placido : Electric guitar.


Live at Gaffer Fest 2013 – Le Periscope, Lyon France (Photo by Nada)


“Les fascinantes explorations électriques et abrasives, soutenues, clairvoyantes, stridentes et abouties de la passionnante rencontre entre un Revox plus d’autres attirails électroniques et une guitare totalement modifiée/remodelée sonnant plus comme une platine/tourne-disque incendiaire, générant coupures, lourdes décharges électriques, virages brusques, etc… Un excellent travail explorant des insoupçonnés nouveaux terrains de jeux sonores chahutés et irréguliers par un très très bon duo, témoins actifs, parfaitement virulents, volubiles et symptomatiques de l’excitante nouvelle scène improvisé nerveuse européenne.” (Sixto/Cave12)

Rainbow Grotesque (LP, 2013)

Released by Bocian Records.

Recorded in Berlin and Napoli between 2011 and 2012.
Edited and mixed by SEC_.

A1 – Rain
A2 – bow
A3 – grrr
B1 – ooo
B2 – t
B3 – es
B4 – que


Mare Duro (Cassette, 2014)


Released by Noise-Below.org

Recorded at The Basement, Napoli (Italy), on April 10th 2014
Mastering by SEC_
Cover by Tiziana Salvati

A. – 6.56 (listen excerpt)
B. – 8.59 (listen excerpt)

“it was a shock to receive an mp3 expert and proposal from mimmo & olivier almost two months ago asking whether noise below is interested in issuing a tape for the upcoming mini tour in june.
being a lovely free musics duo and as am enjoying a lot their interaction between olivier’s guitar and pickups and sec_’s revox / no input mixer i couldn’t say no to such a challenge.
2 short tracks of intense harsh free improv / electroacoustics sounds, what else do you need?
enjoy!” Nicolas (Absurd/noise-below)


Live at Madame Claude le 15 août 2011 à Berlin.

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