Many Others (w/ Francesco Gregoretti)

Olivier Di Placido_ Guitar.

Francesco Gregoretti_Drums.

many others

Drawing by Tiziana Salvati.

It’s about auscultation, cannibalism, pickup stringed to the cymbal for primitif processing in real time, it’s more focused, intricated sounds…drum as a guitar/guitar as a drum.

The duo was born in June 2012 during a tour in Italy, quickly augmented by some studio recording sessions. The result is “Mauvaise Haleine” CD released by Viande records in october 2012.


MANY OTHERS “La cigogne de déformation” released by Scrotum records november 2014.

Cover by Tiziana Salvati.



“Contrary to Louie Rice, the duo of Olivier Di Placido (guitar, reinforced magnets, feedback) & Francesco Gregoretti (drums), in this short-duration tape, shows us a way in which improvisation can very well go into electroacoustic paths without losing its impulsive nature. Plain, unadorned and calculatedly noisy, just the way I like such meetings these days”  (Nicolas Malevitsis/Tileskopio).

Thanks Kostis for the translation !

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