Les Sorciers Komas (w/Jassem Hindi)

JASSEM HINDI : Broken objects,diverted machines.
OLIVIER DI PLACIDO : Diverted electric guitar.

Nervous cuts and fast dynamic changes in a sea of abrasive sounds. Di Placido/Hindi perform a musique concrète sullied by a live practice and a love of danger. A territory filled by broken guitars, lo-fi field recordings, magnetic fields, scraps, idiots.

“Before I throw the word “sound artist” in here, let me just say that this stuff is exciting to me, which I cannot say about most of the stuff I would tag with that. I cannot find a better expression, however – so be it. Regardless if you are familiar with the Echtzeitmusik scene or not, you should in all honesty see these two play together.” Cesip Xynic

mg_2914[1] (2)

Past Concerts:


20.02 @ Ausland, Berlin (DE).

17.02 @ L’Oblo, Lausanne (CH).

15.02 @ Cave 12, Geneve (CH).

14.02 @L’Atelier de l’étoile, Besançon (FR).

12.02 @ Théatre du Saulcy, Metz (FR)

11.02 @ Le NonJazz, Paris (FR).


30.08 @ Flussi Festival, Avelino (IT).


02.12 @ Madame Claude, Berlin (DE)


08.06 @ Sowieso, Berlin (DE)

07.05 @ Able, Berlin (DE)


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