Olivier Di Placido is a french musicien/improviser.

Playing concerts and collaborating with musicien such as Fritz Welch, Tony Buck, Anthea Caddy, Liz Allbee, Renato Grieco  (Cremor Tartaro), Mario De Vega, SEC_, Francesco Gregoretti (Many Others), Pascal Battus, Arnaud Rivière, Mat Pogo, Jassem Hindi (Les Sorciers Komas), Crank Sturgeon to name a few

Publishing records on label such as Bocian, Noise Below, Accidie, Human Sacrifice, Coherent States, La république des granges, Chocolate Monk, Toxo,,,

“During the years he has developed an absolutely unique approach to the electric guitar, being able to make it sound like a turntable or a broken synthesizer.Interested in discovering all the possibilities of the guitar, including the most hidden ones, he has litterally invented a new and hybrid instrument with unfixed neck and moving pick-up.”(toxo records)

,”Metallic sounds from Di Placido’s guitar lead you into staircases of abandoned brutalist buildings; it’s a cold night in a staircase of a tower block at the outskirts of a provincial town,,,Dangerously absorbing, these areas can put you off going outside; they can make you start personifying household appliances and forget how to speak. A hell of a trip.”(Małgorzata Halber, Bocian records)

“A unique musician who literally mistreates his instrument […] with hands as fast as a puppeteer’s. As an exorcist who is preparing to operate on a possessed body or, if you wish, as a doctor who practices a cardiac massage to a mutant organ made of highly sensitive material “(Blow Up #141, feb 2010)

_MG_0158 copia

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