that’s life !

new cassette available after tmrw at Good Press’ dubbing party That’s Life! 


That’s Life!

By Many, many people.


Saturday 30th April until Thursday 19th May 2016

Duplicating and frolicking. Good Press present’s a newly constructed, contemporary chronicle of audio offerings from a vast and sprawling pool of artists, musicians, writers, and individuals of cultural note. Each piece of audio resides in a C20, and will be offered for reproduction via the use of a tape duplicator for the price of £2 a pop, along with individual artworks to adorn the casings.

Good Press
5 St. Margaret’s Place
G1 5JY

“Why don’t you play like Chuck Berry ?” reviewed by Tiny Mix Tapes

“,,,And that’s how Olivier Di Placido’s guitar got so tangled up: it wasn’t paying enough attention, and Olivier started grafting and slicing and trepanning all over its body during an all-out drunken surgical binge. Remember: this guitar could be you, so look alive out there. Doesn’t hurt to beef up on local customs either.(By Weaver)